Lover of life & art,

Get to know raimi.

I’m a Photographer based in Northern Minnesota. But I love to travel and I’m available to capture your moments anywhere.

I’m dedicated to gorgeous & emotional imagery that truly captures the depth of each beautiful moment.

I specialize in Portrait & Outdoor Lifestyle Photography, but my goal is to specialize in Hiking & Adventure Elopements/Weddings/Engagements. I’m currently offering specials while I build my portfolio. Get in touch if you’re interested in discounted packages.

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Photographer & Tattoo artist

I have a deep-rooted passion for everything art has to offer.

I started my tattoo artist journey just 2 years ago as the pandemic hit, but I have been practicing many art mediums for over 10 years - including photography.

No matter which art career mode I’m in - every single day I’m learning new ways to make beautiful art.

I continue to fall in love with new skills and new art forms on a regular basis and it has only pushed me to be better in every other aspect of my career.

Whether that’s learning to draw and shade faces and then being able to edit photos in a new way.

Or learning graphic design skills and getting better at photoshop in the process.

Or because when I take photos of gorgeous subjects, I can use them as inspiration and references for tattoos & paintings.

I will never stop learning. Each new piece of information, each new skill, each new art form - leaks into the ones that have come before.

Making my art, and this career, better and more interesting with every new change.

I have been taking pictures since I was 16 years old.

I started on an early version of the iPhone, but after awhile I wasn’t getting everything I wanted out of my photos. I fell in love with the images Canon DSLRs produced. As a graduation gift during my senior year, my parents paid for half of my very first DSLR camera - a Canon Rebel T3i.

I became obsessed with photography and have owned Canon cameras ever since.

I have previously used a Canon 60d & Canon 90d. My current equipment is a full frame Canon 5d Mark IV with an 85mm Sigma Art Lens (my favorite of my 3 lenses for portrait photography) - and I have never loved a camera more than this one.

I love taking photos anywhere - but especially while hiking. My fiancé, Shae, is who initially got me into hiking & I can’t express my love and gratitude enough for this man. Now we have shared dreams of long road trips and hiking in new places every year and I take my camera with me every single time we go out and hit the hiking trails - sometimes to his dismay as I tend to hold us up - but he is often quite excited once he sees the final results of all the delays.

I love capturing nature’s beautiful gifts. It is my dream to capture weddings & elopement that incorporate hiking adventures.

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Meet my Little family

My fiance, shae

Shae has been so supportive as I learn & grow while I expand my career.

His adventurous spirit was contagious when we met and in loving him, I found a new love for traveling & hiking - now it’s our favorite thing to get out in the forest together during the warm months. We take photos, hunt for mushrooms, & breathe in the beautiful world around us.

Shae loves to cook & has only gotten better at it as he continues to learn.

I love his food, it tastes like home.

His love for food shows at work too - he works as a Line Cook at Northern Divide Bar & Eatery, in Virginia, MN.

It’s a place I highly recommend if you’re looking for some delicious food.

Shae has always been so supportive in everything I set out to do & I am so thankful for him.

His love means the whole world to me, and I can’t wait for all the adventures, growing, and dreaming yet to come.

Side profil shot of Shae’s face as he looks on ahead because he is driving our car

Edie (Edie-BoO, EDITH)

Edie is our chubby little cutie with a wild attitude that is all just a big front - because she is the definition of a scaredy-cat.

She’s a bit of bully but doesn’t ever get away with pushing the other cats around, despite her best efforts.

She is also our biggest goof.

See photos below for proof.

A fluffy mildly chubby grey and white short hair cat looking at the camera mid-rolling around on a sidewalk outside

Susie (SUSIE-POO, Susan)

Sweet Susan is the bravest of the lot - with a squeak of a voice.

She loves to meet new people & be at the epicenter of attention & pets while the others take their time getting comfortable.

However, she is as firm about her love for being pet as she is about *never* getting picked up.

SHE comes to YOU.

Black and white short hair tuxedo cat looking at the camera with streaks of rainbow light rays around her

Kuu-Bear (Kuu, kUu-kaburra)

Named after the Finnish word for Moon & a Pagan Moon Goddess, Kuu is our oldest cat.

She is basically our cuddliest, dopiest teddy bear, which has prompted us into calling her Kuu-Bear (a reference to Pooh-Bear) almost on a permanent basis.

She is very clear when she wants something though… oddly enough.

Black Long haired Tortoiseshell cat looking up at the ceiling while perched on a window sun bathing
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